Notes, and occasional pictures, from my motorcycle trip in the summer of '97

June 2-8 - Where we discover Florida, lots of water, but no secret of eternal youth

June 9-15 - Where we start looking for our kicks

June 16-22 - Where we trash the engine and get stranded in San Antonio

June 23-29 - Where we Toyota to New Mexico, retrieve the bike, and resume west

June 30-July 6 - Where we find gold in California

July 7-13 - Where we start a trek through western Canada. Do you like trees ?

July 14-20 - Where we reach Alaska. Very nice. Now how do we get out ?

July 21-27 - Where we get out, and start a leg through the Wild West

July 28 - August 3 - Where we get our just deserts in the West

August 4 - August 10 - Where we espy the secrets of Crazy Woman and Sturgis, and head east

August 11 - August 17 - Where we get to the Maritimes

August 18 - August 20 - Where we wrap it up and head home


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